Federal Tyres to Conquer APRC’s Dramatic Tracks in Longyou

The 6th round of 2014 FIA Asia-Pacific Rally Championship (APRC) and the 2014 APRC China Rally Championship Longyou (CRC) was held in Longyou of Zhejiang Province this November 7-9. Federal Tyres, as BYD Dream Team’s motorsport marketing partners and the title sponsor of Federal BiaoChi Rally Team, shone at the event with its Federal Motorsports (FMS) iconic products: Federally G-10 and Federally G11.

APRC is the international rally championship take place throughout various ranges of countries and climates. With mountains covered with rugged bamboo, hills, plains, cliffs, caves, pools and lakes located around the city of Longyou, this 2236-year-history city’s incredible landscapes has created one of the toughest area for motorsport enthusiasts to conquer; in addition, ceaseless rainfall has made the gravel routes extremely slippery mud tracks, and the atrocious weather and difficult road conditions examined drivers’ operation ability and the virtue of tyres’ performance.

Federal Tyres, the Taiwan-based, 60-year tyre manufacturer, became Team BYD’s partner, providing motorsport technique support and tyres - Federally G-10. BYD Dream Team took over rough stages and made it into the top 15 while approximately 2/3 of all the 113 attending vehicles retired.

Reviewing the CRC Zhangye in earlier this July, the Federal-sponsored Biaochi Rally Team has joined all the stages and amazingly overcome the lumpy racing track and fierce curves at this tough desert sports park with Federal’s Federally G-10 and G-11. This time, the two hit FMS stars again performed outstandingly with Biaochi that the team won the 5th place overall and it achieved the 4th place among Chinese drivers.

Federal Tyres’ Global Sales and Marketing Director, Da-Wu Chen, commented ‘The APRC China Rally Longyou was full of dramatic conditions from the beginning, and it has proved to be a difficult event to complete. As the first tyre manufacture to develop Motorsport Department and Motorsport lineup in Taiwan, Federal Tyres believes the good results we have reached with BYD and Biaochi unquestionably present the high quality of our FMS products.’

Product information of FMS G-10 and G-11:
Federal’s Federally G-10 is the best sport tyre to run on dry and damp gravel surface, featuring asymmetric tread design and rigid, close-set lugs, which ensure the maximum performance during acceleration and braking with sure-footed handling capability in a wide assortment of extreme conditions. As to Federally G-11, the gravel tyre with symmetric and transverse block produces exceptional lateral grip, acceleration and braking on hard packed, lose, and sandy surfaces.

For more information, please visit: www.federalmotorsport.com