Federal’s FMS is Ready to Crown the Final Round of O.T G.P

2015 O.T.G.P. (OPTION TUNING CAR GRAND PRIX), the most popular circuit competition in Taiwan, will take place at PIC (Penbay International Circuit) on November 28th and 29th. All participating drivers are thrilled for the final battle. Federal Tire has built up their own racing team, FMS (Federal Motorsports) racing team, which is the first racing team operated by a tire manufacturer in Taiwan. The crew was recruited internally from Federal Corporation. With incredible team members and outstanding tire performance, Federal FMS team has a big chance to be crowned in GP3.

Federal FZ-201, advanced semi-slick circuit tire, is the official tire for GP2 (FIA S2000) and GP3 (FIA S1600). Together with innovative technology and compound, developing high quality tires is one of Federal’s continuous core missions. Combined with drivers’ feedback from race track and testing result collected from different races, Federal R&D team utilized this useful information to the newly developed tires. Federal has successfully opened a new chapter of motorsports tires market; more and more cars are equipped with Federal tires!

The chairman of Federal Tire, Mr. Jamie Ma, will be present at the booth and cheer for FMS team. Audience is welcome to visit Federal’s booth to check our latest products and interact with 6 Federal showgirls.

“We are glad to join 2015 O.T.G.P. We are expecting to recruit more professional drivers and collecting more championships in the next seasons.” said Federal FMS project manager, Mr. Taz Yeh.